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Okan Project bringing my life journey and view into one creation.

A musical album where special friendships are interleaved with deep ties to nature, freedom, happiness, sadness, life stories, love, people, and traditions, that came from deep down in my heart. Okan, which means Heart in Yuroba, is also an acronym for Omer Kringel ANsamble.

The songs have been written about life and for life. Ideals that reflects what I see as the beauty in life, topics that make me wonder, fall in love, dance, and feel a part of this beautiful planet.

Every sound was recorded in its natural environment,all over the world.

I've been to Cuba, Colombia, Peru, the United States, Spain, Angola and of course my homeland, Israel,

to capture amazing friends and musician, unique sounds and voices.

artists who are a part of this project bring with them many voices, places,uniqueness, cultures, and influences that become the heart of Okan, giving it its many colors,

and creating a unique mosaic, the mosaic of life.

Give it your ears and eyes...

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